Wednesday, 23 October 2013

DAY -2 Humidity hitch

After 17 hours on three planes. Flew in late last night and was knocked sideways by the heat and humidity of Veracruz. Found our hotel. Our room was so cold - thanks to the AC - that I had to turn it off and get warmer by opening the balcony door.

Great views overlooking the pool and sea. Within minutes I am off in the land of nod , fast fast asleep.

I awake at 9am and reach across to my phone for the time, to feel a wet pool of water on the side table. I get up and literally wade across the room. Its as if a fire hydrant has gone off !!.
All the floor is soaking, the walls running with water , the ceiling dripping and my clothes drenched. I dare not touch the wet light switches....

Welcome to humidity. It has been raining all night and  I learn the lesson to keep windows closed and to run the AC.

I visit the indoor Veracruz World Trade Centre to meet up with the car, the Hammarlund mechanics and to go through tech. I collect the cars carnet, t-shirt / jacket freebies,  and go through my medical. The car goes through its own medical / technical inspection too.
Sams in tomorrow so we only have our nomex clothing and helmets to pass inspection.

The car has to go through the sponsors sticker area and comes out covered in adverts. As we have no windscreen our sun visor one HAS to go onto our fabric sun-roof. I guess it'll last about 4 seconds at 100+mph!!!

We are allocated a numbered parking lot for the mechanics to work at and happen to be alongside the car of race favorite Memo Rojas with his circus of TV media. The indoor arena is filling up with some incredible cars.

I meet up with Scott/Travis and Chips Mustang. They got in a few days earlier and have been seeing a lot of the local sites, catching up on culture and churches of interest.
No beers, tattoo parlours or 100ft boat deep-sea fishing trips for them!!!!

Sam flys in tonight at 10.30pm.


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