Wednesday, 23 October 2013

DAY -1 Red and Yellow

Last day before qualification time trial. Sam and I go over to see how our car looks - we've commissioned the local sign writer to add a go-fast stripe down the centre of the car.
Sam passes his medical and we get our helmets , hans devices and fireproofs all certified.
They want to know why my fireproof gloves look like they've been used in a fire and have been handling sausages??!!

....any ideas Basil?

The car certainly now has a stripe!! and after final tweeks to the seat belts and window nets we take it out on the road for a spin.

Adrian drives. Its running really well and our headphones enable us to chat at high speed.
The weather is still really windy and the sea is crashing over the dual carriageway road that runs along the coast. After a couple of miles we are both soaked to the skin - we 'll need to fit the full face visors if the weather persists. 

Theres a hurricane over on the Acapulco side and it seems to be effecting the weather here.

We attend the drivers meeting and get our start time for tomorrows 6 mile qualification stage.

The lists show 86 cars, of which 21 are Porsches , 14 are the extremely fast Studebakers and 13 are Mustang 350s.  
Early night ready for tomorrows start at 8.12


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