Friday, 25 October 2013

Day 0 Qualifying run

Had an excellent evening out with Chip and Taylor, and Lauren and Carson. The wind was so strong that it is almost impossible to walk in the streets.

We have been warned that todays qualification speed stage will be cancelled if its too wet - the organiser doesn't need novice cars racing in the mountain on slippery roads.

But on opening the curtains - its still blowy,  overcast and dry!!.

Sam forgets to pick up our timing card so we write our own - and dash out into the hills for the speed section.  Today doesn't count in the overall classification but sets the start times for tomorrow based on speed.

Adrian drives the stage with Sam hollering in his ears. There was an aweful lot of encouragement "get on it " and "whooping" and rather less of what the curves were and  where. But in the end we record a   respecable time that puts us mid-table starting 45th fastest.

Our new best friend Memo missed pole by 0.4 sec despite taking onboard Sams best advice at breakfast. Our crew had made him a very healthy melon-strawberry-banana smoothy - but Sam and I  opted for the rather more unhealthy fried chicken and fries brunch.

The car has a few final modifications this afternoon, including wiring up the phones so we can use them as trip speedos and a final service to brakes and engine. Sam was made to run up and down the corridors with his phone app recording his speed and average speed. He sadly didnt get past 4 mph.

We all have to head out to the port in the evening for TV filming  a giant party and fireworks "fake start" and then back to the meeting this evening at 10pm.

Up tomorrow for Day 1 at 6am for the 7 am start. Adrian driving again.


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