Saturday, 26 October 2013

DAY 1 Rain, rain go away

We wake to overcast weather and go to start the car and find it wont start!! The batteries so flat it wont take charge - luckily the mechanics all jump onto it and we whizz down to the start line and make our start time by 20 seconds to spare.

Adrain drives and Sam navigates. The stages in the mountains all go well and we are mostly amongst Porsche 911s and Mustangs. Sam knows the car really well and guides on the braking points and we seem to be getting quicker.

On one stage we even manage to spin the car a full 540' and carry on without being caught by the next car.

The higher we get the wetter it becomes. One speed stage is cancelled because of a mist cloud that makes visibilty impossible.

In the next section we pass Chips blue mustang - with a blown engine, and then pass our team mate Nemos Studebaker slid off the road into a field.

We get into Oaxaca where we find we have won 3rd in class and will start about 60th.

Chip meanwhile has been towed in and has been lent a spare mustang motor which he hopes to fit overnight.


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