Sunday, 27 October 2013

Day 2 Into Mexico City

Next to us Memos car is rebuilt overnight and ours is readied and warmed up when we collect it at 7.00am. But  have yet more troubles with our battery at the start and take the decision to wait back till 8 when we can find a match for the alternator even if it means skipping the two short early morning speed stages.

Chips three mechanics have worked through the night and still not finished as they need some different pulleys and waterpump. So he'll miss today and hopefully catch us up on day 3.

We are keeping to Adrian driving and Sam navigating . He has done the race 8-9 times before and knows all the sections today. We still make the timing arch at the start and again at the service timing. Though as we had skipped the sections we were first into the Fiesta and welcomed as the section winner !!
Adrian Stevens LT Special Mexico
Adrian Stevens LT Special Mexico

The final section into Mexico City is a very long transit with three rain storms and a hill ascent to 3,000m up over the volcanoes into the city. We get police escort through all red traffic lights and again motorbike escort through the suburbs right into the centre Zocolo we finally make the finish arch where there are thousands of people waiting to greet the cars. Hand out all our cards to little kids .

Even the dogs love our car !!!

After over 14 hours in our filthy and wet race suits we find the luggage lorry hasnt made it through the traffic as easily so have to wait till its 10pm arrival.... urgh....

Our friends Lauren and Carson again make 1st in their class today and we miraculously make 3rd.

We leave the car in the Hiltons basement having its fourth full service in 48 hours.
Adrian Stevens LT Special Mexico
Adrian Stevens LT Special Mexico


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