Friday, 1 November 2013

day 6 no probs

We gather at the commercial centre and find poor old Kamings car on a trailer from its off yesterday afternoon.

He did well by aiming for a field with mud to slow the impact - we all laugh as he didnt scratch the front wings or the headlights.

We meet up again with Andrew and Linda - the scale-model makers from who were measuring and photographing the LT yesterday as they want to make a model of it.

Chips cars on a trailer with its blown engine. They have finally conceded defeat and gone back home.
He only managed two speed stages all week. Next year he's vowed to be back !!

Whilst Sam and I stuff ourselves at the service stop poor old Memo gets cameras thrust at him and has to do interviews every lunchtime.

He's in with the Mats Hammarlund team with us and four others - we try to keep him a sandwich - but it does nt look as if he hates it too much.

 The rain and drizzle persist and we drive carefully through it all. On the second to last speed stage there is oil on the road and 6 cars crash out. No injuries.

All but two get repaired overnight to start again.

We are second in class and have slipped up a few more places.


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