Friday, 8 November 2013

Day 8 race hangover and thank yous

and so its back home to the real world.....   


Thank you at all our old friends, ancient friends and those new ones too. You make this week such fun both on the road and  in the bar. Your kindness mechanically in lending spare parts, beers, spare engines has no bounds. Bo and Gerth from Sweden - whom Sam and I may just have to visit to watch them in the Midnight Sun Rally...

Thanks also to the unsung hereos - the doctors, fire crews and timers who find themselves chasing us lunatics all over mexico

Thanks to Mats and Eva, mechanics Sam and Gabriel and a special thanks to our families for letting us go.

PS despite the hardship of exhausting hours and everyday getting into a wet racesuit - there are always a few bonus sights to be had - and we're not talking volcanoes. 
.... as noted by the ever-watchful eye of my navigator at high speed " Big bumps - two o'clock!"

So to satisfy those who might doubt Sams judgemental skills , a few pics....

Adrian Stevens and Sam Burg 1st in class

Adrian Stevens LT Special Mexico

and finally 


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